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Our brand’s purpose is to create a lasting legacy of impact that connects Indigenous women artisans with a worldwide marketplace of customers who appreciate sustainable and conscious fashion as well as quality, style, and creativity. 

Beyond the fair wages we pay, we also commit at least 10% of each purchase to fund local initiatives that the Wayuu community tells us are most important to them. Fill out the form below to get a behind-the-scenes tour of how the products are made, and meet the Indigenous women artisans of the Wayuu Tribe who will directly benefit from your purchase of our products.

Regarding our commitment to make a positive environmental impact, through our proud partnership with World Tree (, for each purchase of a handbag and straps, we invest in tree planting and regenerative agriculture to offset the energy used to make each strap and bag.

I am personally passionate about tree planting. World Tree farms across North and Latin America support farmers and protect forests, including 5,000 acres planted by 270 farmers in 5 countries. We offset the carbon of every strap and bag by investing in Empress Splendor tree planting and its regenerative agriculture benefits.

According to World Tree, the Empress Splendor is one of the fastest-growing trees in the world. They produce hardwood in 8-12 years with extraordinary carbon drawdown capacity, many times greater than most trees. The species is non-invasive and its nitrogen-rich leaves fertilize the soil. The Empress regrows after harvest without replanting, and absorbs 30 tons of carbon per acre every year! The Empress tree farms directly impact 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our brand is about being proud of our roots. We create "straps and bags that give back" with both environmental and community impact.

Choose Catalina Straps, and you will love these durable, colorful, and stylish additions to your wardrobe. And you will also feel good about your positive impact to empower the community who makes them.

Muchas Gracias y Nos Vemos! 


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Catalina Straps & Bags Gift Card

Catalina Straps

Catalina Straps & Bags Gift Card

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